Beyond excited that Out of Print has finally found its final home! The only 35mm print in existence of the film is now be safely housed at the Academy Film Archive in Hollywood, California.

The archive, and the devoted people there, are incredible - so happy that the one film print will be in the hands of such dedicated film preservationists. They will make sure the film will be cleaned, looked after and kept in the perfect temperature and humidity, alongside thousands of other 35mm, 16mm, 70mm and 8mm tapes in their collection. The best part is that it can still be booked and screened at any time!

It is such an honor to have Out of Print nestled alongside so many historic films in the iconic Academy Film Archive. Never dreamed it would end up there, but there's no better place for the movie to live than a place dedicated to preserving film both literally and metaphorically, surrounded by so many 35mm prints.

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Welcome to the website for Out of Print

A documentary by Julia Marchese about the need to keep 35mm films available to the public!

In a culture where digital presentation is taking over, Out of Print celebrates the unique Revival and Art House Cinemas where 35mm film prints are still going strong - and explores why 35mm film should be allowed to coexist with digital forever. 

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